This Supersports car was developed, constructed and designed by Caresto for a client. The designer Tomas Christiansson interpreted our vision in a sleek and agile car ready to take on any supercar. We decided to go with a complete carbon fiber chassie and body.

A monocoque in carbon fiber was constructed by Caresto, strength and torsional stiffness calculations were done in cooperation with Lund Technical University.
Wheel suspension was built upon the push-rod technique, manufactored with high strength chromoly steel. We designed a setup based upon Öhlins fully adjustable coilovers and applied an advanced geometry for best road holding.
Mid-mounted 5.4 L 550Hp V8 engine with an all-aluminum Lysholm supercharger. paired with a dry sump oil system, allowing the engine to sit really low in the chassie able to cope with advanced driving.
The big special windscreen is designed to follow the roof as a one flow from the front of the body all the way back over the engine bay to rear opening portion of the body.
Unique Caresto design using a centre bolt, 20”s in the rear and 19”s in the front


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